Are you 12? In year 6 or 7? Wondering which camp you should be at?

Well, don’t worry, at kids camp we always get a group of kids aged 11 and 12, and in our experience the best fit for them is kids camp. We have a special oldest group, aimed specifically at you. We do ‘late night extra’ where we talk about secondary school and discuss issues around friendships as well as having some fun. Being part of this older group on kids camp works much better for age 12 then being the youngest on teen camp.

So, unless there are exceptional circumstances, age 11 and 12, (English school years 6 and 7) come to kids camp, and age 13 and up go to teens.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Younger camper? First time away from home?

You may be worrying about coming to camp as you are not used to sleeping away from home. Many of our younger TCKs have not had a chance to have sleepovers, often because they have been living a long way from grandparents and wider family. We do understand this. We try and make staying at camp as easy as possible. All the kids have dorm leaders who help them to settle and to organise themselves. The youngest children (aged 6 and 7) have an earlier bedtime and bedtime stories and prayers. Every room has a nightlight, and their dorm leaders are in the room next door if they wake in the night. On the first night the dorm leaders often sit close by until they are asleep.

On the first day we do a ‘soft’ drop off, so parents help their kids make their bed and show them round, while they meet and get to know the other kids and leaders. We have plenty of young leaders, so if anyone is particularly anxious, we will pair them up with a young leader to help them settle and start to make friends.

Our experience is that everyone settles quickly and then are so busy all week that they don’t have time to miss home.

Will I be the only 18-year-old there? 

Some 18-year-olds worry that a ‘teen camp’ might not actually include people right up to 18. We find that every year there is a group of 18-year-olds heading back to the UK to go to university, so we usually get a group of 18s as well as a wide spread of teens of all ages. One of our activities is a day trip to Sheffield, which is a university town, and gives a flavour of life in the UK.

So, be reassured, you won’t be the only one!


Security and coming from a ‘closed country’

Parents are sometimes concerned about security if they are coming from, or planning to return to, a ‘closed country.’

We are very sensitive to this in the language and terminology we use with the children. We also ask for permission to use all photographs and information.

Please be reassured that we understand the issue. If you have specific requests or concerns, do contact us.


Who’s eligible to come on camp?

Who is rekonnect for?

Rekonnect is aimed at kids and teens who moved to the UK within the last 2 years. It is about transitioning to life here, so is suitable for any family planning to be here for 4 months or more, including those on home leave and those who have permanently relocated.

The best guide is, if you are here for long enough to go to school here, then the camp would be helpful for you.

Usually, kids and teens come on rekonnect once, however if you have been back overseas for a number of years and are relocating again, then you are welcome a second time. But please be aware that much of the programme does stay the same.

If you fall outside these times, please contact us.


How do I pay?

Once you have made a booking (and we’re happy you’re eligible as outline above), our administrator will be in touch with details of how to pay the deposit.


How can I help without leading?

Thank you for your interest in rekonnect. There are 3 ways in which you can help:

  1. Advertise! Let people know about rekonnect, especially your church, young people who might be interested in leading and families who might be eligible for camp.
  2. Prayer. Be part of the team who prays for us, either more generally, or as the prayer team for the duration of the week.
  3. Give. We don’t charge our campers all that it costs to run camp, so we fund raise via grants, gifts and donations. These donations keep our camps affordable. Email admin@rekonnectcamp.org to enquire about donating.

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