Come and be a leader!

Are you an adult TCK? Or a young leader? Or work with TCKs?

We are looking for people who understand all about TCKs to come and be part of our camp team to help our kids and teens as they transition back to life in the UK.

Being a leader means committing to the whole of camp, from training 24 hours before the kids/teens arrive to debriefing on the afternoon the kids/teens leave.

It is pretty full on, from 7am to ….. well that depends when they go to sleep! We can promise you an interesting and fun week, but more than that, it is often very moving to be part of a young person’s journey, to see them make key steps forward, or just be understood for the first time. You might be just in the right place at the right time to be that person who helps them. Or you may be the hero that gets them out playing football at 7am to run off some energy.

The two camps are quite different. Kids is more hands on, full of action and activity. Teens is more chilled, time to make friends and think and reflect as well.

For 2023, rekonnect Kids and teens leaders will arrive on Sunday 30th July until Friday 4th August, with the teens camp starting on the Sunday afternoon and the kids camp starting on Monday lunchtime.

We ask that you are a committed Christian. That you have some experience with TCKs, most of our leaders are TCKs themselves. That you are willing to work as part of a team and give 100% to the kids/teens for the week. A good dollop of humour goes a long way too.

We don’t ask our leaders to pay to come, but if you can, we ask you to contribute to the food and board for the week (around £40). We do encourage you to share with your church what you are doing, and to get some people praying for you and for camp.

All our first time leaders need to go through an application process and an interview, and all must be DBS checked. You will need 2 referees, preferably one from your church. If you’re interested in becoming a leader, but don’t know which camp is right for you, then reach out and we can help!

Any questions, just ask, using the form below or email admin@rekonnectcamp.org.

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