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rekonnect kids 2021 report

What a year! Could camp happen? Covid, lockdowns, last minute leaders having to isolate….  So it was with huge delight that we gathered in the Peak District, in person. On that first afternoon, watching the kids run around in the lovely garden, playing and laughing, we knew that this was special. And so it continued. 28 brilliant kids and an amazing group of leaders. We spent time thinking about Ruth and her struggles as she moved back to Naomi’s homeland. We talked about saying goodbye and leaving our homes behind. We learnt how to use our emotional ‘first aid kits’ when we have strong emotions, and we prayed and laughed and worshipped together.  

But this is a kids camp, so we also built boats out of twigs and leaves, and sailed them down the river, walked the Dovedale stepping stones, toasted marshmallows on the campfire, haggled at the Night Market, bought too many sweets at tuck shop, made friendship bracelets and went swimming. 

It was a really good week. We saw God moving and answering prayers in so many ways. Some of the comments from parents and kids: 

My son has come back walking 6 inches taller, thank you for all you have done.  

They had a great time and felt at ease. It was hugely helpful for them as they try and adjust and find their place here. 

Our children came back saying it was the best thing ever! 

Rebecca (kids leader) 

rekonnect teens 2021 report 

Despite all Covid-19 odds being against us this summer, we had another fantastic week at Rekonnect Teens this year. With 32 Teens and 12 leaders, one of our biggest camps to date, we walked the Peaks, talked all day (and some all night!), made friends for life and learnt more about our Heavenly Father. As always, the days were jam-packed full of activities but amongst this busyness we also tried to take time out to pause, reflect and listen to what God was saying to each of us during this time of transition. God’s presence and hand of protection were both tangible throughout the week as we learnt and grew together. 

 Kate  (teens leader)

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