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Reflections on rekonnect kids 2023

rekonnect kids 2023 kicked off with a great team of leaders and 24 fabulous Third Culture Kids from around the globe. Parents attended a special session, to encourage and equip them as they transition with their family. It was well received and parents connected with each other over much appreciated coffee.

During the week the kids and leaders delved into the story of Ruth in the Bible, we reflected on what this teaches us in times of change and transition. Where was God in Ruth’s story and where is He in our story right now? We looked at how we say goodbye when we move and how to say hello in our new place. We also looked at how to handle those BIG emotions, using our Feelings First Aid Kit. There were a few specific sessions about the TCK life where some of the TCKs shared from their own experience, which drew them closer together.

As well as the ‘deep’ stuff, we all enjoyed playing football first thing in the morning, walks and boat building with sticks and leaves, paddling in the stream, swimming in a large indoor pool and crafts galore, eating smores by the campfire and haggling for treasures at the Night Market to take home at the end of the week.

Each TCK came with their own story and we listened, laughed, cried, prayed and worshipped together. God had his hand on the week and made sure the weather stayed dry, at just the right times. We had a precious week and are thankful for all God did there.

Rebecca (kids leader) 

Reflections on rekonnect teens 2023

rekonnect teens 2023 has been a life-changing, friendship making, fun-packed week to remember. We once again spent time enjoying the facilities of the Peak Centre and the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding Peak District. We spent our week building new friendships and getting closer to God.

This year, rekonnect was attended by 28 teens who have just returned to the UK from spending the majority of their youth all over the world. Each of the twelve leaders had first hand experience of living or working abroad which was invaluable in identifying with the impending changes that the young people were about to face. 

Throughout the week we enjoyed participating in a plethora of team building challenges, outdoor sports matches (when the weather allowed!), hikes up the surrounding peaks (God provided a dry afternoon!) and getting creative with drama and music. Interspersed amongst this, there were talks from TCK leaders on topics such as: coping with change; becoming resilient; and how to connect with people. 

Half way through the week we enjoyed a day trip to Sheffield and in small groups completed challenges around the city. On the Thursday, we participated in ‘The UK is OK’ day which included a full English breakfast, high tea, a ceilidh and a pub quiz style team game.  

During the week, our priorities included focusing on ‘reconnecting’ our relationships with God and creating new friendships with each other. In the evenings we heard testimonies from the leaders about their experiences of transitioning back to the UK and also their faith journeys. In addition, we looked at the Bible character of Joseph and how he approached his period of transition and uncertainty. We enjoyed plenty of time worshipping God and building up a friendship network of those who can support us over the upcoming transition in the next few months.  

We’re so thankful to everyone who has contributed either practically, prayerfully or financially towards the camp. We cannot wait for next year! 

Kate  (teens leader)

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