Who are we?

Rekonnect is a residential camp designed to aid the transition of young people returning to live in the UK.

We recognise that returning to live in the UK can be an enormously daunting challenge for anyone, but particularly young people. Many of us who run rekonnect are TCK’s ourselves, having lived overseas when we were young, or have spent time living in another country as adults.

So what is a TCK? A TCK is a Third Culture Kid. It’s a description of someone who’s passport and nationality belong to one country, but whose head and heart still belongs to another country. You don’t feel entirely part of either country or culture that you’ve lived in. You’re somewhere in the middle, in a third culture.

At rekonnect, our goal is to help young people understand what it means to be a TCK and to “rekonnect” with God and the UK.

Rekonnect started in 2002, working with various partners and organisations. In 2020 we started a new partnership with The Sheiling Trust enabling us to continue to serve the international community.

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